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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Soursop Fruit & Leaves

 - Mumbai

Soursop Fruit & Leaves

Cancer treatment fruit guyabano soursop for sale in Mumbai.

We supply Soursop fruit from Mumbai. We can only supply good quality fruits & Leaves.

It is a natural remedy for Cancer it is also known as "Cancer Killer Fruit"
Chemotherapy VS Soursop.

In short, chemotherapy is a cancer treatment that uses drugs to destroy cancer cells which also good cells. Both Soursop and Chemotherapy are used to, destroy cancer cells, stop cancer cells from spreading and slow the growth of cancer cells. Side effects of chemotherapy include and are not limited to, Anemia, Appetite changes, Bleeding, Constipation, Diarrhea, Fatigue, Hair loss, Infection, Memory changes, Mouth and throat changes, Nausea and Vomiting, Nerve changes, Pain, Sexual and fertility changes in men, Skin and nail changes, Swelling and Urination changes. Side effects of Soursop are not know, but soursop does not kill good cells.

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