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Consultant for Commercial 500 Goat Farm

Consultant for Commercial 500 Goat Farm
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Goat meat is one of the choicest meats and has huge domestic demand. Goats can efficiently survive on available shrubs & trees, in adverse harsh environment, in low fertility lands where no other crop can be grown.
Prospective entrepreneurs can avail our services for:
1. Support for purchase of good breed animals.
2. Shed construction. Here we have adhered to NABARD guidelines while preparing architectural layout plan for Goat Shed regarding area for housing, open area, accessibility to feed & water mangers.
Inside the shed proper flooring and scientifically designed mangers are planned with low cost thermal insulated roofing. Open area has specially ordered grazing grass.
Shed equipments are planned right from birth of kids till their sale. Overall cost of shed construction and equipment is economical. 
3. Construction cost estimate. It is part of project report. Estimate is in bankable format and in easy language to understand the schedule of construction. Bill of quantity is explained very clearly so that you can concentrate upon construction labors only. Architectural layout plan & civil construction cost estimate is important at the time of sanction of project because bank will take proposed land & building as primary collateral security and will seek opinion from its empanelled valuer & legal expert. Bank will ask you to get the layout plan signed by your panchayat head.
4. Bankable project report. 500 goat farm entails incentives from NABARD. Project report adheres to guidelines of NABARD. Project report is in bankable format. Topics of project report are:
(I) Introduction, advantages of goat farm, goat production system in India, status of goat industry, constraints, common terms used in goat farm, goat breeds around India, salient features of good milch goat, selection of goats, management of lamb & kids, castration of male, docking, goat feeding, grazing management, breeding schedule in goat, routine operations in goat farm, diseases of sheep & goats, common diseases & their control, vaccination of goats, goat products & marketing, notes on financials.
(II) Capital cost & means of financing, working capital schedule, projected profitability, projected balance sheet, projected cash flow statement, projected break-even sales, ratio analysis.
(III) Annexure for growth calculation table, feed cost, medicine cost, manpower, overheads, insurance, income by sale of goats, income by sale of manure, fixed assets & depreciation schedule, term loan repayment schedule, interest on borrowing accrued.
Capital Cost is same as per NABARD guidelines. Means of Finance is divided in two i.e. Entrepreneur’s Margin and Term Loan. Working Capital Schedule is prepared separately and Cash Credit Limit is calculated accordingly.
Eligible NABARD subsidy is Rs. 6.25 lakh. Bihar Government is offering additional subsidy of Rs. 6.25 lakh.
5. Other. If you go through the guidelines of NABARD, you will find that they have not budgeted fresh construction of shed; they have written the term ‘renovation of existing shed’. However NABARD allows fresh construction of shed and which is reflected in our project report. Proposed layout plan for shed is free stall system. Here we have explained the schedule in very clear manner with emphasis over heat proof roofing, good ventilation & flooring. Cost estimate is also explained very clearly. Equipment plan is as per guidelines of NABARD. We have also emphasized & budgeted for proper tagging and maintaining records of herds. Finally project report is bankable, that too adheres the guidelines of NABARD. Entrepreneurs could kick start the process of establishing commercial goat farm very soon upon completion of plan documents.

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