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Cardorium Plus

Cardorium Plus

Mechanism of Action

Normalizes lipid ratios. Improves fat meubolarn excretion. Antioxidant and free radical scavenging. Prevents platelet aggluonsuon. Improves tho strength of blood vessels, improves cardiac function in particular leh ventricular election new. Hypotensive, anti hyperglycemic and hepatoprotecuve probably maintains vascular endothetul function by increasing boo-availability of no (mu% oxide) prevents/reduces blockages in both micro and macro blood es el possible mechanism is lipid efflux and subsequent healthy healing of vascular endothelium


Cardorium plus keeps blood in fluid stage. Thereby aspnn blood thinners need not be used, careful with anticoagulants better stop cardorium plus 2 days before any surgery including dental extraction all ingredients of cardorium plus are having ant-hyperglycemic affect. There by diabetic drug dosage to be regulated as per the blood glucose levels



10ml to 29rnl bd for a period of 90 days or as suggested by the physician.  

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