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Fuel Saver For Bike

Fuel Saver For Bike

Fuel additives are the chemicals that are used to enhance the properties of the fuel to which these are added. These are mixed with fuel such as gasoline, diesel, aviation fuel, fuel oil, etc. to improve fuel efficiency and economy. These help the fuel in meeting environmental emission control standards and improve engine or vehicle performance. Apart from these qualities, the fuel additives serve other purposes such as reduction of corrosive effects, enhance combustion properties, and develop various grades of fuel blends required for various commercial, automotive, industrial, and aerospace sectors. Fuel additives are designed to meet the increasingly stringent environment norms as various countries are implementing regulations to control emissions. Stringent environmental regulations, increasing demand for clean and efficient fuel, and depleting crude reserves are the main market drivers of the fuel additives market.


We have also profiled leading players of this industry with their recent developments and other strategic industry activities. These include: The Lubrizol Corporation (U.S.), Innospec Inc. (U.S.), Afton Chemical Corporation (U.S.), Infineum International Ltd (U.K.), NAND ipl (India), International Fuel Technology Inc. (IFT) (U.S.), Abhitech Energycon Ltd (India), BASF Corporation (Germany), Energenics Europe Ltd (U.K.), Cerion Energy (U.S.), M7 Complete Manufacturing Sdn Bhd (Malaysia), Fuel Additive Science Technologies Limited (FAST) (U.K.), Deepak Nitrite Ltd (India), Chevron Oronite Company LLC (U.S.), Cummins Filtration Inc. (U.S.), ACPA - ALEX Co. For Petroleum Additives (Egypt), Chemtura Corporation (U.S.), Total Additives & Special Fuels (France), Baker Petrolite Corporation (U.S.).


Fuel Saver is an innovation towards the demand of the 21st century economy. It emphasizes the bio-natural production and green environment protection. By fully utilizing the fuel combustion in car engine, you are able to travel further distance. 


1 bottle of IBX Fuel Saver has 20ml.

1 box of IBX Fuel Saver contain 6 bottles = RM48

price- RM8 per bottle


Method of using: (For Petrol/Diesel)

1. Insert 20ml of  Fuel Saver into your car fuel tank, then tank and top-up your regular fuel oil to full tank (at least 20 litres)


You can calculate and compare the mileage before using and after using IBX Fuel Saver. 


 Fuel Saver provides:

1. saves up to 30% fuel oil consumption

2. Improve the engine performance

3. Extend useful life of vehicle/ship/machinery/Genset

4. Reduce vehicle smoke- reduce pollution

5. Lessen engine knocks 

6. Quieter engine 

7. Higher acceleration power

8. Engine cooler/calmer


It is safe to use. 

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