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Karur, Tamil Nadu, India

Cows & Buffaloes

 - Karur

Cows & Buffaloes
We are a No.1 supplier of Cows and Buffaloes all over Tamil Nadu, Andra Pradesh, Kerala and Karnataka and we are running a dairy farm with 45 Cows and 58 Buffaloes these are HF, Jersey and Murrha buffaloes and even milk yielding cows and buffaloes.
*These are really very good cows and buffaloes so these are suitable for dairy farm
*Meat Buffaloes(small-big)
* Cows rate:
1.Which yields 10-12 liters milk at 25000 to 29000
2. 6 to 8 liters milk yielding cows at 19000 to 23000
3. 20 to 25 liters milk yielding HF cows at 30000 to 37000
1. 6 to 8 liters yielding at 26000 to 28000
2. 8 to 12 liters yielding at 30000 to 35000
These cows and buffaloes are of superior quality with high reproductive capacity .I assure you that these have 100%re-pregnant capacity. We have already supplied many cows and buffaloes to Andra Pradesh and Karnataka.

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