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Ultrasonic Machine for Power Supply

Ultrasonic Machine for Power Supply
General Description
The DCX series power supply provides the highest power density in the smallest package on the market today and offers multiple form factors, providing integrators with a high level of flexibility. Fourteen models are available in three frequencies and two form factors (horizontal and vertical): 20 kHz at 1250, 2500, and 4000 Watts; 30 kHz at 750 and 1500 Watts; and  40 kHz at 400 and 800 Watts. The power supplies may be combined with an actuator or a converter/booster/horn stack to form an ultrasonic package designed for continuous-duty or automated production systems.

Simple User Interface
The user interface is engineered to simply but effectively provide users with operating and diagnostic functions at the touch of a button. The front panel interface includes amplitude setting, power meter, status indicators, and a user service Ethernet port, which allows the user to communicate with the power supply via the on-board Branson Global User Interface Program

Ethernet Communication
The Branson Global User Interface Program allows the user to interface with the power supply via a standard Internet browsing program, such as Internet Explorer. The user is capable of remote communication with the power supply, allowing product configurations and system diagnostics, among other functions.

Higher Productivity
The proven Digital Communication Platform with closed-loop amplitude control provides significant enefits in performance, consistency, and higher productivity, especially in applications requiring a high level of process control, weld quality, and high throughput.

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