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Elevator Control by PLC

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Elevator Control by PLC
Product Code - 52022
Elevator Control by PLC enables students and practicing engineers to gain invaluable practical experience of the principles and application of programmable logic controllers. The object is to connect and program an external programmable logic controller to monitor and control elevator
system. Elevator controlling model is shown with the help of switches & LEDs. The apparatus is connected with input and output of PLC. Three floors as shown on board, switches are used to call and go to the desired floor. LEDs are indicating on which floor the elevator is present. The elevator model board is made in such a way that student can understand how elevator can be control by using PLC and also student gets familiar with how inputs and outputs of PLC.
Technical Specifications
  • Interface : 20 pin FRC cable needed with PLC (ST2401 A / B / C)
  • Input pin voltage : 24 V DC when particular i/p is activated from PLC
  • Output pin voltage : 5 V DC when particular o/p is activated from PLC
  • Power supply : From PLC Trainer

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