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Red Wine Vinegar  

30 May, 2015 Vellore, IndiaIndia

Quantity: 25 Litres

We are interested in buying Red Wine Vinegar. Please send us details and quotations for the same.

Application/ Usage: We require this product for manufacturing tomato sauce.
Need this for: Our End Use
Want to buy: Immediately
Frequency: Monthly
Preferred Location: Suppliers from Bengaluru, Chennai and Pondicherry will be Preferred

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Fruit Beer  

29 May, 2015 Bhilai, IndiaIndia

(This may be a retail lead)

Quantity: 100 Nos

We are looking for Fruit Beer. It should be Non Alcoholic Beer. Please send us details and price quotations for the same by mail.

Approx. Order Value: 1,000 to 3,000 INR
Need this for: Reselling
Want to buy: Immediately
Frequency: Daily
Preferred Location: Suppliers from all over India can contact

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Fruit Wine  

26 May, 2015 Chennai, IndiaIndia
We want to buy Fruit Wine manufactures other than grapes (no middlemen please) from India only to export to New Zealand. Please send us details and quotation for the same.

Approx. Order Value: 20,000 to 50,000 INR
Need this for: Reselling
Want to buy: After 1 Month
Frequency: One Time Requirement

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